Register for the Storytellers Project LIVE, In Your House! - Food and Family

About the Storytellers Project:
At the Storytellers Project, we help ​people tell true stories about who they are, what they do, and why it matters. ​Since 2016, at hundreds of shows with thousands of tellers, we connect people and brands to communities to drive change.

The Storytellers Project is a nationwide series of live storytelling nights featuring neighbors and notables sharing true, first-person stories. What makes us unlike any other storytelling event is that USA TODAY Network journalists curate and coach the tellers to develop stories that fundamentally serve their communities.

We are dedicated to creating empathy across America.

Our events are live journalism focused on serving and reflecting our communities and they are curated and managed by members of the newsroom at the USA TODAY Network, including journalists from our 260 community newsrooms and USA TODAY.

These people bring insight, countless skills and incredible passion to their jobs and your monthly support enables us to keep bringing you these entertaining, powerful stories. We’re asking you to support our live journalism by joining us as members. Join us.

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